1440: A day in the life... | Baltimore Lifestyle Photographer

Once upon a time, I took pictures. Today, I am a photographer.

What is the difference? The difference, to me, is that taking pictures was something I did where as being a photographer is something that I feel, it's who I am; it's innate to my being and I am most focused when I am with camera in hand. The line may still be a little shady for some, while for others, is as distinctive as night and day.

I say all of this to preface what I'm about to present to you - a challenge, workshop and/or practice in photography if you will. But unlike other things photographic, there is no prize - no admittance to an otherwise private workshop, no new gear that you can add to your collection nor promises of secret photographic tricks shared for future utilizing. Nope. Nada. Eh eh. This exercise is strictly for the sake of shooting and possibly getting out of that rut that you may have gotten stuck in.

The aim is simple:

One day this week, (I'm choosing tomorrow, 7/8/14 Wednesday, 7/9/14), you are to document your life as it’s happening. No posing, no stopping to ask for do-overs, no fancy filters or extensive photoshoppery - just simply photograph the goings-on around you. Go to bed with your camera at your side - but on your night stand, please. I don't want any emails saying that your most prized electronic device was smashed during a night terror; that would be no bueno first and not my fault second, lol. Wake up and start shooting. Ta da!

Once finished, create a slideshow for others to view and post it on your Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/pick one timeline and/or personal/business/random blog and share the link for all to see.

When should the video be posted? I dunno - how about Monday, July 21.

Why so long, you ask? Not all photogs are digital photogs and getting images back may take longer than three nanoseconds. Gotta respect the process.

Sounds pretty easy and it is. By doing this, I am asking you to see your life differently - the good bits, the not so good bits and the things that we should be appreciative of that we may not otherwise notice.

By no means is this mandatory. My participation will happen should you decide to or not. I just thought this would be interesting and almost as evasive as stalking someone's Facebook profile but with permission, lol.

Just to be fair and give you some kind of idea of what I mean, I've included my first 1440, which was created over 5 years ago. I can hardly believe that it was that long ago and it's almost doubly hard to believe that I haven't done one since.

 Happy shooting ;)