The House That Love Built | Maryland Family Photographer

Once upon a time, I attended a workshop, The YAN FAM WAY workshop to be exact.

Why did I attend, you ask? I attended because I felt like my work was missing something and found that ultimately, I was trying to shoot for the masses, not me. I was stripping my art of its truth which left my portfolio ALL over the place. My perspective - though oft times peculiar - is mine and trying to mold that into a more generic look only provided a disservice to my clients (ahem, that's you guys!). 

Before the workshop, Diana (Yan) sent a questionnaire that I felt was never-ending. Some questions had absolutely nothing to do with photography or business. Some questions were about what I liked, what other people think of me or better yet, what did I think about this thing or that thing - it kinda felt like taking one of those web quizzes and going "HOW THE HELL DID THEY KNOW THAT?" after the results are displayed. It was weird but in a good way, that someone could decode things about yourself from the most fundamental questions. I did my best to answer candidly and she gave me heartfelt, unabashed feedback.

She confirmed some things and made me look hard at some things and there are some things that are still rolling around in my head that I'm still not sure what to do with. Funny thing, introspection, huh?

Oh, we also go to shadow a session with Diana, whose work is kinda awesome. These images are from our time together.

. . . . .