Baltimore Urban Debate League | My Life | Baltimore Lifestyle Photographer

This year, instead of guitar or the Lego team or even the chess team, The Boy ended up in debate.

Surprising? To me, yes.

The program, hosted by the Baltimore Urban Debate League (, teaches youngsters the art of debate. Today was the first of many monthly debates against like-minded peers from a handful of other Baltimore City schools.

It truly was amazing to watch: little people speaking about big issues and doing their best to argue their points. I must admit there were moments where it felt like someone had my boy pinned up against the ropes and continued to beat him to a pulp. Words are so... powerful.

He and his teammate, Tuleh, did not win for their age group. They did, however, receive participation awards. (I never liked awards for not winning, even if it is my son. I think you should be recognized for what you do, not showing up. I did, however, have an amazing perfect attendance record in primary school, lol.)

He did a good job but there is still much to learn before the student can become the master.