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Et tu, Ektar (Another Film Post) | Baltimore Maryland Photographer

I know you’re probably thinking – Oh, no! Not again! Oh, yes – YES, AGAIN! Lol (You’ll be happy to know that this entire post isn’t ONLY about Ektar, there’s some Portra in there, too ;)

I want to love Ektar, I do, I really, really do – I just can’t seem to find a happy medium with exposure vs. processing. This time, I followed the advice of fellow film shooters and pushed it two stops (increased the film speed by two full stops, i.e., increasing one stop = ISO 200 and two stops = ISO 400).

HELPFUL NOTE: For those not totally familiar with film, the more you push a film, the more contrast you’re adding to your overall image. In some cases, that could be excellent; in others – not so much.

Me? I like contrast…or so I thought. I’ve pushed Fuji 400H before and LOVED the results so with Ektar I’m thinking – saturated color AND contrast? Yes, please!

Nope…didn’t want THAT much contrast. It’s too dark in the shadows and too bright in the highlights.

I’m gonna put these right here and try yet another roll of Ektar (why? Because I bought a pro pack – that’s why!). Maybe now, I’ll try another camera because the Bronica doesn’t seem to like anything that’s not Portra…or expired Fuji ;)

TECH SPECS: Square images: Bronica GS-1 | Ektar 100 (pushed to ISO 400); Other imagesCanon EOS3 | Portra 400 (box speed) | Developed by Millers Lab